2017 PLATE (still with 2 year warranty)

  • 5.0m (16ft Reach)
  • Parallel Arm Geometry
  • Low Friction Cable Control
  • Cable Rotor Reverse
  • 3 Point Linkage Chain Mounting
  • 1.2m Pro-Trim Head (60mm T Flails, Double Helix Spiral Rotor)
  • Parallel Arm Geometry – Allows adjustment of reach using a single lever without constant adjustment of height. High main arm pivot gives good reach over fence clearance.
  • Totally Independent Hydraulics – PTO driven dual pump system driving both flailhead motor and power arm movements.
  • Rotor Reverse – In cab cable operated rotor reversing system. Rotor rotation can be altered from clockwise to anti clockwise. Allows clearance of debris from head in heavy cutting. Can also be used for mowing ditches and hedge bottoms. Use one side of flail to cut hedge bottoms or heavy growth leaving a nice sharp edge for hedgecutting.
  • Double Helix Rotor – Up to 45% overlap of flail blade to give greater coverage and a cleaner cut.
  • Belt Drive Heads – Belt drive offers shock protection when the rotor hits an obstacle where direct shaft driven end drive can sheer. Less dead length when compared to direct drive. 2 speed rotor giving faster and slower rotor speeds. 3000 rpm for hedgecutting and 2400 rpm for grasscutting
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