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New Hedgecutters, Cutting Heads and Control Systems

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Cutter Bar

Bomford Kestrel E

Bomford Kestrel S

2.5M Reciprocating Cutter Bar

Bomford Kestrel S

Bomford Hawk Range

Bomford Falcon Range

Bomford Buzzard

Bomford Hawk Range

Bomford Falcon Range

Bomford Buzzard

Pro-Trim Cutting Head

Pro-Cut Cutting Head

ISMP Cutting Head

Pro-Trim Cutting Head

Pro-cut Cutting Head


Low Friction Cable Controls

LHP - Low Pressure Hydraulics

 EPPIII Control         ICS Control

Low Friction Cable Control

Low Pressure Hydraulics

EPPIII ControlICS Control System

Bomford Turbomower Flail Mower Range


 Turbomower Elite 1.3 - 1.5m Cutting Widths

540 rpm, Manual Offset, From 30hp, Skids,

To suit Compact Tractors

Turbomower Elite 1.9 - 2.7m Cutting Widths

540rpm, 2.7m 1000rpm, From 45hp, Hydraulic

Offset, Skids, Hammer Flails

Turbo Euro Open 2.3 - 2.8m Cutting Widths

1000rpm, From 55hp, Hydraulic Offset,

Over-run pto Protection, Front & Rear Mounted

Skids, Hammer Flails, 50mm Cutting Capacity

Adjustable Rear Opening Hood

Turbo Euro 2.5 and 2.8m Cutting Widths

1000rpm, From 60hp, Hydraulic Offset,

Skids, Hammer Flails,

60mm Cutting Capacity, Over-run pto


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